Monday, December 19, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Move like a Commando (Part 4)

Moving with stealth means moving quietly, slowly, and carefully. This requires great patience.

To move with stealth, use the following techniques:

-Hold your rifle at port arms (ready position).

The second image shows what 'port arms' means, beret is optional

-Make your footing sure and solid by keeping your body's weight on the foot on the ground while stepping.
-Raise the moving leg high to clear brush or grass.
-Gently let the moving foot down toe first, with your body's weight on the rear leg.
-Lower the heel of the moving foot after the toe is in a solid place.
-Shift your body's weight and balance to the forward foot before moving the rear foot.
-Take short steps to help maintain balance.
-At night, and when moving through dense vegetation, avoid making noise. Hold your weapon with one hand, and keep the other hand forward, feeling for obstructions.

Excessive use of military clothing is of personal preference but I'm of the mind that the more, the better...

Now what happens when you have to hit the ground? When going into a prone position, use the following techniques:

-Hold your rifle with one hand and crouch slowly.
-Feel for the ground with your free hand to make sure it is clear of mines, tripwires, and other hazards.
-Lower your knees, one at a time, until your body's weight is on both knees and your free hand.
-Shift your weight to your free hand and opposite knee.
-Raise your free leg up and back, and lower it gently to that side.
-Move the other leg into position the same way.
-Roll quietly into a prone position.

Yep, they're in the 'prone' position

Use the following techniques when crawling:

-Crawl on your hands and knees. Hold your rifle in your firing hand. Use your nonfiring hand to feel for and make clear spots for your hands and knees to move to.
-Move your hands and knees to those spots, and put them down softly.

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