Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Move like a Commando (Part 3)

Oh yeah, it's the "rush". Sounds rather exciting doesn't it?! and that's because it is.

Now the rush is the fastest way to move from one position to another. It's a quick movement where each rush should last from 3 to 5 seconds. The rushes are kept short to keep enemy from tracking you. However, do not stop and hit the ground in the open just because 5 seconds have passed, this is a stupid thing to do if you are trying your hand at rushing. Always try to hit the ground behind some cover. Before moving, pick out your next covered and concealed position and what is the best route to it.

When you're ready, make your move from the prone position as follows:

 Slowly raise your head and pick your next position and the route to it.
 Slowly lower your head.
 Draw your arms into your body (keeping your elbows in).
 Pull your right leg forward.
 Raise your body by straightening your arms.
 Get up quickly.
 Run! Run! Run to the next position.


When you are ready to stop moving and maybe feel the need to do a bit of attacking, you should be carrying a rifle or other weaponry (preferably something that can cover some distance, if I have to explain why a knife is no good you do not deserve to be a HiiRagi minion), and do the following:

 Plant both of your feet.
 Drop to your knees (at the same time slide a hand to the butt of your rifle if you are carrying).
 Fall forward, breaking the fall with the butt of the rifle.
 Go to a prone firing position.

However, if you have been firing from one position for some time, the enemy may have spotted you and may be waiting for you to come up from behind the cover. So, before rushing forward again, roll or crawl a short distance from your position. By craftily coming up from another spot, you may fool an enemy, who as well all know is a fool and is aiming at your previous spot spot, waiting for you to rise.

Yeah, I'm not convinced by the flower pots as adequate cover either....

Got no cover? When the route to your next position is through an open area, rush by zigzagging. If necessary, hit the ground, roll right or left, then rush again.

Rush minions, rush minions, rush, rush, rush!

Fear not, next week we go all stealth.

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