Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Best training montages of all time!

I have to admit last week got me thinking....training montages....personally I love them. But what would be the best training montage that you have seen? Well, here are my personal top five. So when your training gets you down just think of these inspirational montages, cue the power song and get back out there into the terrain! So let’s start at Number five....

Number 5 is the Karate Kid: Who can forget poor Daniel, little weedy Daniel who had the whole Karate posse after him and made him trash his bike? Oh, yeah. There may not be a real montage in this but then the whole film is a training montage. Cue that song “You’re the best” and Daniel was off to Karate superpowerdom (no, I don’t think that’s a real word but we’re dealing with montages here, reality doesn’t enter into it).

Number 4 goes to Team America: What can I say?! We’re gonna need a montage! I love this.

Number 3 to Footloose: A Recon Unit personal favourite. And yes, it is a dance montage but it does take place in an abandoned garage and he is angry, so it is kinda cool. Funny enough there is a parallel bar section to this, so I’m guessing he’s in a parallel bar factory?

Number 2 is the ultimate in montages in Rocky: Any Rocky film will do, however Rocky IV (link goes to the video) kinda took the cake. While Rocky’s opponent trained in a high tech gym with super computers and crystals (yep, I said crystals), all our star Italian Stallion needed was a piece of wood, a rope, a sled and an 80’s leather jacket. Whilst Rocky crumples photos of his opponent and trains in the rural landscape of Russia (hilarious), his opponent trains the old fashioned way, with injections, a bank of hi-tech computers, and Brigitte Nielsen. It also ends with a mountain climb and a primal scream, who could ask for more? And the Berserkers love it.

And Number one is Turkish Star Wars Training Montage: All I can say is watch it, there are no words...

What do you think? Any to add to the list?


  1. Oh goodness, Turkish Star Wars is a jewel.

  2. I know!!!!! Doesn't make you just want to strap rocks to your legs and just leap for joy!

  3. This will take my roller derby training to a new level....