Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: The Desert Part 5

Now in a desert survival and evasion situation, it is unlikely that you will have a medic or medical supplies with you to treat bites and stings, though if you are a fully prepared minion you just might...

Insects, spiders, scorpions and snakes are, though cool to look at and perhaps poke with a stick when there is medical help nearby, dangerous and in the Desert just don't go there.  If you get bitten you will probably die a slow painful death in addition to the nasty sunburn you already have.

Insects of almost every type abound in the desert. Man, as a source of water and food, attracts lice, mites, wasps, and flies, all the good ones. They are extremely unpleasant and may carry diseases. Old buildings, ruins, and caves, though cool, are favourite habitats of spiders, scorpions, centipedes, lice, and mites. These areas provide protection from the elements and also attract other wild-life. Therefore, take extra care when staying in these areas. 

A point to remember though is that most of these threats don't really want to attack you, it's usually us humans treading on them that causes the issue so don't place your hands anywhere without first looking to see what is there. Visually inspect an area before sitting or lying down. When you get up, shake out and check your boots and clothing. 

All desert areas have snakes. 

They inhabit ruins, caves, and natural rock outcrops that offer shade. Never go barefoot or walk through these areas without carefully inspecting them for snakes. Pay attention to where you place your feet and hands. Most snakebites result from stepping on or handling snakes. Once you see a snake, give it a wide berth, they don't like to make friends.

And if you see a sarlaac like this:


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