Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: D.I.Y Compass

Now, it is all very well to be able to survive in terrains but I think it’s time to introduce a few simple techniques for survival that can be used in any terrain or situation.  First up, the improvised compass.  This is a really simple thing to do as long as you have your survival kit with you as all you will need is a small metal object, such as a needle, pin or razor blade that can be suspended to swing freely as a pointer.

The easiest way to magnetise your metal object is to use a magnet (I don’t think I had this in the original Survival Kit so it may pay to pop one in now).  All you need to do is stroke your metal object (yes, it does sound inappropriate but occasionally you will be perceived as creepy or strange as part of rising above the everyday to the higher calling of the HiiRagi cause, get used to it) with the magnet in one direction.  Note, your compass may lose is magnetic qualities so it may need to be redone every now and then.

Finally suspend your magnetised metal object using any thread (as long as it isn’t twisted or kinked) and voila! It points North! Amazing!  Just like The Curiosity Show (for those old enough to remember...).  If your thread is all twisted or doesn’t want to do what you want it to, just lay it on a piece of paper or bark or grass or poke the needle/pin through something that floats like a cork, then pop it into water in a non metallic container, and let it swing freely.

Also if there is too much wind, suspend it in a jar or clear container to stop interference.

Oh yeah, who’s heading North now?!

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