Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: The Desert Part 3

Finding water in the Desert (aside from your own urine) is pretty hard to do.  So basically you have three options: 1)You can stand around like Luke Skywalker on Tatooine and whinge about all of your friends having gone off to the Academy; 2) You can dig holes at the lowest point in dry river beds or water holes and hope to strike water OR 3)You can take control of your situation and make a solar still! (For any minion who still hasn't decided, you're going to do number 3).

Whinge whinge whinge...never get out of here...whinge...i want to kiss my sister...whinge whinge whinge...

Rightio, first of all you are going to need a sheet of plastic, a water collecting container and some stones.  Dig a hole 90cm to 1m across and about 45 cm deep.  Place the collecting container in the centre, ensuring that it is secure and no random animal can tip it over.  If there are any stalks, leaves or roots around pop them in the bottom as well as they will increase your yield.

Roughed the underside of your plastic sheet with a stone to ensure droplets run down it. Cover the hole with your plastic sheet.  Secure the edges with stones and then place one in the middle of you plastic sheet so that it makes a dip, for best results about 35cm below the horizon line. 

As the sun raises the temperature of the air and soil below it produces vapour.  Water condenses on the underside of the plastic, running down into the container.  Hurrah! Water!  Well, a little bit anyway....For ease of drinking pop a plastic tube in the still container and have the other end sticking out of the ground for you to suck on (insert crass comment here).

Well, this has been fun but I think we had best start planning our escape from this barren wastehole real soon...

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