Monday, May 2, 2011

Bento Box Egg Moulds for Breakfast

It's no secret I love Japanese stuff, particualy food.  Lately it has been Bento Boxes, the totally cute lunch boxes with a million gimmicks and yes, as such I have bought quite a few but more on that later.  To the matter at hand, I was at a loss to decide what I wanted for breakfast yesterday when my Agent sidekick suggested putting my fabulous, yet unused, bento box goodies to use.  Oh yeah!  So out came my brand spanking new egg moulds:

Yep, that's right egg moulds in the shape of a bunny and a bear...only in Asia....Anyway, I boiled my two eggs (the sidekick had declared they weren't hungry), one for each  mould.  Things were getting VERY exciting.  Once boiled you crack them open and force...sorry... place the egg into the mould and then pop it into cold water for about 10 minutes and VOILA! Egg mould!  I have to say it was pretty easy except when my egg didn't want to go ito the shape of a bunny and had to be... shall we say... persuaded into the process.  This resulted in a bit of an explosion out the sides of the mould and a foot stamp.  Sidekick decided to be hungry at this stage and took over the bear which just happened to fit perfectly (dammit!) and looked smug.  You know when you could just hit someone....

Anyhow, 10 minutes later when all seemed to be working against me, the bunny and bear emerged beautiful!

The bears!

The bunnies!

 The only problem was I had to share....

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