Monday, April 18, 2011

Exciting new geek project: Tiger Tank!

I'm weak when it comes to military stuff, recently my new infatuation is models.  Recent purchases have included a Soviet MIG 3 aircraft, a Spitfire and a Reconnaisance motorbike (bought for me by my awesome human sidekick Agent Rubix Digitales Hamster Slide...hmmmm....I think we'll just call him 'Agent' from now on).  Anyway as I innocently watched TV one night there advertisied before my very eyes 'Make your own Tiger Tank!' and so the hunt was on, I trawled newsagencies looking for this great thing advertised at only $1.50 and was rewarded with this:

The whole kit and caboodle!  I have to admit I haven't watched the DVD yet, I prefer to wing it using my own miltary genius...

Yep, that's what I am making.  Interestingly for a geek like me the Tiger Tank is German and was also called the Acht-Acht, which bears a more than close comparison  to the At-At from the Return of the Jedi and we all know how much Lucas and Speilberg hated the Nazis.  A coincidence? I don't think so (and so you get an insight into my own minds diabolical workings...)

Anyway, conspiracies aside the first part to make was the 88mm gun and hey presto! One glass of wine, 2 minutes later done!  I can totally do this, sure I've never made a model before (I prefer real size with arsenal ready), and sure there are 50 billion pieces to the whole thing and I already have numerous half finished projects around me but hey...this one I'm going to finish. 

Stay tuned and we'll see how I go...

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