Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Terrain Training Tuesday: Packing your Survival Kit

The final in our Survival Kit series looks at different terrains. Survival Kits for different operational areas should be dictated by the importance of items, for example if you are in the Desert your Survival Kit should reflect the priorities of water collection and navigation. In the Arctic items that produce warmth, shelter and maybe an extra fishing kit should be included.

We will go into these terrains in more detail later when we start on the actual locations but the important thing to remember is every time you embark on an activity or operation that may result in a survival situation, always take your kit with you. I take mine everywhere just in case... If you think you are going to be captured, try to conceal individual items about your body (yes, even there...we've all seen Border Security) and clothing, if you have anything incriminating hide it on someone else...as a HiiRagi minion you can never be too prepared...

Next week, get the insect repellent ready ‘cause we head into the jungles...

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