Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animal Dumplings!!!

Now it is no secret that I really love food, particuarly Asian food (what a surprise!) and dumplings are a particuar favourite, so easy, just chuck into a steamer and hey presto! Snacks!  So when I came across these great animal dumplings that are served up in Taiwan (no one ever hears about Taiwan anymore it seems...) I just want to go there for these:

How cute are these?!  I wanna eat you little piggy!!!!
Ahem. Anyway, a favourite hobby of mine on a Sunday arvo is to go to the Asian food store, so much excitement, so little understanding of what I am actually buying.  However on Sunday I bought these:

Yep, chicken dumplings, full of this:

Hmmm...it's probably best not to read it actually but I just like that flavour enhancer is written flavour enchtancer...however while I was eating them and contemplating whether or not I could actually finish two of them (note: I couldn't, one and a half was more than enough) I remembered the piggy dumplings and fuelled by this inspiration decided then and there to make my own chicken dumpling! Mould! Little hands mould!!!  And ta daaaaa!!!!

 My chicken dumpling!!!  Yes, I even added soy sauce for his eyes...finally the dumplings looked as they tasted....And they say you shouldn't play with your food...
Actually, I can't believe I'm really posting this, it seemed like such a good idea at the time...



  1. It's illegal to place stickers on public property - you should be ashamed, vandal.

  2. give me the piggy! lets go to Taiwan!
    As for the chicken... I think maybe someone had a little red wine with that? But it does look like a chicken. Masterchef gives you a 5.5. Keep practicing and knock my socks off.

  3. Thanks Wendy! i will try for you!

    Anonymous: If you are going to have a crack at least address me by my full title of All Supreme Overlord of Mankind...

  4. yes sir, All Supreme Overlord of Mankind. Feel better now honey? I honestly do think you rule the world.

  5. haha! piggy dumplings are so cute :P
    You're really creative with your chicken dumpling haha