Monday, July 5, 2010

HiiRagi's Triumphant Return!!!!

Hullo minions!!!
I have finally returned to HiiRagi HQ after a gruelling team building exercise in the wilderness of the world.  There is much to report and many new developments on the World Domination map.  The robots trained very hard and I am most proud of them, in particular RU1014 and Keith the Zombie.  Their missions will be continually reported and updated (just like a sponser child) so you know how they are going and what they are up to. In fact, here is a little taster of the Adventures of RU1014...

RU1014 Log:
Master HiiRagi, I have found a mighty red arch that must be the entranceway to a rival leaders headquarters.  You will be most impressed with this arch, but I must search further and gather information that will reveal if they are friend or foe.  There are a great number of  minions around, I believe that this leader uses food to lure and capture his minions, this will intrigue you, my mighty leader.  We are yet to try this method but I believe it to work.  I have been to Noodie World and the noodles were quite delicious.  The diabolical nature of this technique is that the food fills and tires the eater, resulting in an almost coma like trance.  It was in this trance like state that unfortunately I was caught by surprise by a defense mechanism.

You will be most displeased by this I know, but it just shows the crafty nature of this 'Chinatown'.  The stone dogs were very ferocious and I was lucky to escape with my life.  My recommendation is that you should purchase a cookbook, All Mighty One, and get some dogs.
Over and Out.
Resistance is Futile. 


  1. Hello Oh Mighty Leader! I'm so pleased that you are back. Things just haven't been the same without you. You know what they say, when the leader's away the minions run astray! It's been total chaos!

  2. Haha awesome. I am shaking your highness!