Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HiiRagi loves Hisae Iwaoka

Hisae Iwaoka is a Japanese manga artist but what I really love are her little creatures.  It's really hard to get any info on her but I was lucky enough to buy a book in Japan called Tokyo Girls Bravo (if you see it anywhere buy it, it's great!).  Her little toys are miniature, I'm talking anywhere from 2 cms to 20 cms, how she sews them I do not know, I wouldn't have any fingers left...Here are some examples (sorry, they are really bad reproductions but how could I leave them out?!) :

Now she also (obviously) draws comics too, but here is my personal favourite:

Now I know you can't read it (you can get a better view by clicking on the image) but I really love the layout of this, and basically it is about  how she escapes from reality by sewing.  My favourite panel is the bottom left hand because it reminds me of my sewing space, the text running along the bottom simply says 'stitch, stitch, stitch, stitch....'  I can also identify with the mangled pin pricked finger in the middle of the right hand page...I'm thinking of using this kind of layout for my own little comics...when I finally get around to them....

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