Friday, March 5, 2010

Minion Commission: Zombie Hunter

Now, normally i wouldn't endorse the killing of zombies, however, when a minion of HiiRagi is in need I answer the call....well, sometimes I do....most of the time I'm too busy building my secret death ray but, to cut a long story short, this time i answered.  So behold! The HiiRagi Zombie Hunter!!!! He speaks in a Southern USA accent, he has scars, he has a big wooden club, he has a kick arse axe, I'm sure he lives in a trailer park and he has notches on his belt.  What else could you ask for?  Actually I'd ask for a white trash zombie huntin' lovin' ho with hoop earrings but that's me....


  1. Haha! How totally awesome! Their caps really rock.

  2.'re evil death ray is a secret no more!

  3. Unfortunately as with all villianous masterminds, I suffer from the fatal flaw of revealing my masterplan to everyone I can before it has reached it's triumphant conclusion....

  4. you are totally awesome Holstar!

    My mind ray is on to you, so watch your back.
    P.S. this is not really "andrew".

  5. So you have discovered me at last...I've only just been thinking that what I really need now is an arch nemisis...could that be you "andrew", who is not really "andrew"?!