Friday, June 10, 2011

Illustrator Inspiration: Kerrie Stritton

I really  like wandering around and looking at buildings, the grungier the better as far as I'm concerned, so I really responded to Kerrie Stritton's illustrations.  Living in London’s East end for 5 years her art includes the architecture of the area.  I also really like the context of the subjects within their landscape, there is a real dirtiness to them.

 Kerrie Stritton studied in London and gained her B.A. at the famous Central St Martins and her M.A. at the Royal College of Art where she won the Folio Society award for illustration (great! another frickin' over achiever).  Her most well known piece ‘The Stadium’ (see below) was featured in the international selling book Hand to Eye.

Her website states that "Kerrie has a passion for narrative illustration and story telling that is inspired by auto biographical elements represented through dramatic landscapes" (hmmm...that's my Art School background coming through, ignore if you wish).  However there is a beautiful starkness and roughness to her work that I love, with an awesome collage-like effect.

Another cool thing about her is her willingness to share with others including a great section on her website explaining how she makes her books.  Check it here.

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